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Three planters in front of a house in Italy.


Three planters outside a traditional Spanish house
Small Italian vintage care.

Our Seascape planters with 
fresh herbs outside a traditional
Spanish house

     This summer we take you on a jaunt through towns and villages along the Mediterranean to showcase our collection of white planters in a place where white vessels have graced homes and gardens since the days of antiquity. 

     Our planters are updated in form and materials, but like the planters of old, they capture the brilliant rays of the sun and reflect them back into the environment, making everything seem brighter, crisper, clearer. 

     Even our vintage Italian car looks more fetching. 

Brightening the entrance of this upscale home are our Caprina planters. Their textural finish gives them a lyrical quality.

Planter with plant in front of a house in Tuscany.

A raked finish gives texture to our Azzurro Planters, with olive trees in a small village in Italy.

The Syros planters with Monstera plants outside a stone house on a small island in Greece.

Two large planters with plants in front of a house on Greek island.
Two large planters with Olive trees in front of house in Italy.

Our hand-crafted Marina planters have a classic style imbued  with soft hues and dimensional stripes.  Tuscany.

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