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The Dame Cabbage Story

Owner Laura Ferguson sitting in chair barefoot

     Laura Ferguson, a writer and artist from Atlanta, came up with the name Dame Cabbage years ago when she was trying to find a Yahoo email address that hadn't already been taken.  She used it for years, after deciding against Sooty Boots.

     More recently, when she started working on an online store, Laura came up with names that worked well for design, but there were other incarnations that would create confusion online. Laura also realized she wanted something that would reflect the fun of finding great things for your house and garden.  She decided, in the end, to revive her Yahoo name and call her store the Dame Cabbage Collection. 



     Laura began this endeavor while on an extended trip to Central America and Mexico.  She learned 3d modeling, designed a planter (with many revisions) and had a limited run manufactured.  The planter, called the Trestle, featured a black steel frame and side panels of gray-patinaed reclaimed wood.  They were accepted by Wayfair and Wescover and were also sold on Amazon.  The Trestle is no longer available, but Laura has plans to offer other original designs in the future.  Right now she is focusing on her online store and digital marketing. 

Laura Ferguson,

Digital Shopkeep

Planter with fern outside front gate of home.

     Before going into design, Laura worked as an artist, doing whimsical paintings for people of their houses.  She has also worked as a mortgage broker specializing in renovation finance, and a writer at CNN.  Laura is a graduate of NYU, with a B.A.

     Throughout the year, she spends time in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

The Trestle

Whimsical painting of a home in Inman Park.

One of Laura's paintings,

a house in Inman Park,


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